The Adventures of Stick-Man

One thing I neglected to mention in my intro post is a little something that started in December 2006 and ended in March 2008 and that is… “The Adventures of Stick-Man”!


What is Stick-Man? Excellent question, faithful reader. Stick-Man is a character in a comic series that I had created back near the end of 2006. The series revolved around Stick-Man (a stick figure superhero), his sidekick Stick Version of Spider-Man (or Spidie as he was called in the series) and a villainous character creatively named Bad-Man. Early on in the series Bad-Man had a henchman but after a few episodes I forgot about him and so he just kind of disappeared.


Stick-Man was part of an experiment in a secret lab that had a nuke dropped on it (by accident…maybe? I dunno, I never thought that much about it). The explosion sent both him and Bad-Man flying in different directions and gave them both super powers. Stick-Man could fly, shoot lasers from his eyes and (eventually) had telekinesis. Bad-Man could make himself invisible and…I think that was pretty much it.

There were other bad guys that Stick-Man and Spidie had to fight like: Bird-Man, Mr. Blob, The Stretcher and even The Greenish Goblyn (Spidie’s enemy). Of course it wasn’t all about fighting enemies. There was a two-part episode about Steven Stickberg wanting to make a movie about Stick-Man. There was a two-part episode about Spidie giving up on life when he realised that no one knew who he was because Stick-Man took all of the fame, even after it was Spidie who saved the day. There was another two-part episode where Bad-Man teamed up with his uncle to kill me, the creator, to permanently get rid of Stick-Man. And even a three-part episode where Stick-Man and Spidie get stuck in Hell as Satan has a plan to take over the world.

In its short, less than two year run, there were about 30 episodes split into two full seasons (a 12-episode season and a 15-episode season) and two episodes of season three before I stopped feeling motivated to make the episodes (even though I had a big list of episode ideas like Bad-Man cloning himself, a fake Stick-Man at a mall starts a riot, Lightning-Man, Bad-Man has a son who’s more evil than Bad-Man and so Bad-Man, Stick-Man and Spidie team up to stop Bad-Man Junior, and many others). But there were also some bizarre bonus comics that I had made such as:


Commercials. Believe it or not I had made up fake commercials for Stick-Man to be a part of including, but not limited to, Nike, World of Warcraft, EA Sports and even a Sopranos commercial for Spidie. That last one was a joke, though, being Spidie’s only commercial and it cut him off in mid-sentence (as the final episode of The Sopranos ended).


After two full years of nothing Stick-Man related, I attempted to bring it back with “The New Adventures of Stick-Man”. I made two pages of it but then stopped as it just didn’t feel the same.


I even created a fifteen second flash animation (which took about 3 hours to make) hinting at an animated series based around Stick-Man. I would put that in here, but $66 is more than I really want to spend for video embedding. However, I certainly hope that this isn’t the end of Stick-Man or his wacky adventures. While I probably won’t make anymore comics, creating an animated web series would be really awesome! Though, someone else would have to do the animation as I don’t have the patience or the skills to pull off an actual animated web series. Or at the very least, I might start a book series (or short story series) for Stick-Man.

Speaking of short stories for Stick-Man, I made one back in grade nine I believe. It was part of a project for my English class and my teacher thought it was very good. He found it funny and entertaining and he loved that I made it so Stick-Man could hear the narrator and was interacting with the narrator. Basically the short story involved Stick-Man and Spidie having to fight aliens with the help of Bad-Man. Only it turned out that the person controlling the aliens was…Stick-Man’s mom. It was stupid, of course, but it was typical Stick-Man comedy.

Anyway I’ve rambled on about this enough. Perhaps there will be more to do with Stick-Man sometime in the future, but for now it’s just a happy memory that I like to go back and read from time to time.

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