The Ghost Post

Halloween is fast approaching. Since this is the closest Monday to Halloween (not including the first Monday of November because that’s after Halloween) I figure I should use this opportunity to tell you guys about my experiences with the paranormal. Now what you’re about to read is actually a note that I wrote on Facebook back in May 2012 and continually updated throughout the next year. The latest update was July 19th, 2013. So the first section will say “my girlfriend” or “Erica” but she is still my ex-girlfriend and sections that come after January 2013 that mention her say “ex-girlfriend”. Anyway, that’s enough introduction, enjoy.

I’ve been living in this house my whole life and, even though we’re nowhere near a cemetery and as far as I know no one has died in this house, there have been some weird occurrences happening. Strangely enough a lot of them happen to me or in my room.

The first paranormal encounter (or at least unexplained happening) that I can recall happened to me when I was about seven years old. It was early in the morning and I was the only one awake at the time. I was lying down in my bed just staring at my ceiling. I’m not really sure what I was doing, if I was contemplating on getting up or not. But then suddenly I heard a very harsh whisper come from the foot of my bed saying “LIE DOWN!” I heard it very clearly and I will never forget it. The foot of my bed was at a wall that was facing outside and I know that there was nobody outside in the backyard that did that. No one would’ve even known I was awake. But at that very instant I jumped out of bed (probably literally) and ran out of my room. I don’t remember much else that happened that day but I do remember that as if it happened only yesterday.

The next thing that happened to me happened when I was maybe 11 or 12. This time it was night and I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. My sister was in her bedroom probably sleeping and my parents were out but about to come home. I was wide awake but my room was pitch black. I couldn’t see much of anything except maybe some moonlight coming in from my window. When this unexplainable and mysterious white dot (or maybe an orb) suddenly went across my wall from where my door frame is to about half way across the wall towards my closet. I just kept staring at the spot and a few minutes later it was back. Starting in the same spot again and ending in the same spot again. And it would just suddenly be gone. Also, when I say white I mean it was a very bright white colour. Then maybe about five minutes later it reappeared but this time made it all the way to my closet before disappearing and I didn’t see it again. Shortly after that my parents got home and I told them what happened. They were as mystified as I was…as I still am.

Nothing much else happened to me until quite recently about 6 or 7 years later. It started when, once again I was lying in bed. It was about 10 or so in the morning during the weekend so I had no reason to get up. I was lying in bed perfectly still. I have a computer desk/nightstand type of thing set up next to my bed and on it was a pencil that had been there for a little while. A few days at least. I hadn’t moved it or touched it for a while. But this particular day it decided to move on its own. While I was just lying in bed suddenly it caught my eye when I saw it shoot out across the room by itself. It went flying with great speed and on an angle (not even just straight across) and it took me a while to find the pencil. Instead of it being where it should’ve been (where I thought it landed) it ended up being directly underneath the desk/nightstand thing, which really doesn’t make any sense. Even if it bounced off of my dresser it wouldn’t’ve made it that far.

And the final weird thing that’s happened in this house actually happened in the bathroom. Twice my dad has found a very small, child-like handprint on the mirror. There are no children in this house and even my sister, who has the smallest hands in this house, has hands that are too big to have made the handprint. Not to mention that they’re high up on the mirror, so if a child made them they would have to stand up on the sink or at least on a stool. They’re also in awkward positions that I don’t know why anyone would be standing like that with their hand pressed up against the mirror. And keep in mind this happened twice on two separate occasions about a week or so apart. The handprint was in the same position both times but the second time it was slightly moved over from where we saw it the first time.

Call me crazy or paranoid or whatever you want to, but I know what I’ve seen and heard and I have no idea why or how any of this has happened. I’m just waiting for a third handprint to appear or something else weird and mysterious to happen. Then maybe it’s time to get an EMF detector and digital recorder and go ghost hunting.

As an added bonus I feel I should mention that I think my girlfriend has seen my doppelganger. When I was at my house one day, it was in the morning and she was complaining saying that she wanted me to come over but it was too early still as I hadn’t eaten or showered yet. And then suddenly she told me that I was just at her house, went into her room (even though her room door was closed and locked) and told her that nobody liked her and she should die and then left. This was about a month or so ago and I felt like she was just making stuff up and decided to ignore it until I just recently found out that doppelgangers are spiritual doubles of a person and they tend to be evil and mischievous. So I asked her if she remembered that and she said yes and I asked her if she was serious or just saying stuff and she told me she was very serious about that. She actually saw me in her room even though I was still in my room at my house. Now I feel as though she actually saw my doppelganger.

June 14th I added this comment: A third handprint showed up a couple days after writing this…and right in front of my dad when he was about to start shaving after taking a shower. Like, he was about to wipe the steam away from the mirror when he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye and when he looked up there was another handprint but, like, streaked across the mirror.

*Updated August 11th, 2012*

A fourth handprint has not shown up at all, however there was something else very weird. It happened a few weeks ago. It was around lunch time and my girlfriend and I were in my basement trying to decide what to eat. All of a sudden we both heard a very loud, crystal clear humming sound that was either coming behind us or through the ventilation pipes from the upstairs bathroom that lead towards the pantry room where the food is. It was very weird since we both heard it at the same time and we heard the exact same thing. No one else was in the house at the time and it certainly sounded like a person humming a very melodic tune. It sounded female although Erica says it could’ve been a child, which would tie-in with the handprints on the mirror. But I think it sounded like an adult female humming. Regardless of whether or not it was a child, it was still really freaky and scared the both of us. But for my birthday I got an EMF detector, digital recorder and new HD camcorder with a low lux setting to record in night. So I can really do ghost investigations now.

*Updated January 20th, 2013…though basically all of what I’m gonna say happened in December 2012*

Well a fourth handprint has appeared on the mirror. This one wasn’t as good as the other ones, though. Not all of the fingers were visible, only two of them, the pointer and middle fingers as well as part of the pinky and a little bit of the thumb. Though the palm was very clear and it still had the same child-like size. There have also been various sounds and stuff that I have heard. While I was studying for my American Theatre exam by reading one of the plays that I had neglected to read I heard a couple of different things. I was home alone, sitting on my couch and reading out loud the dialogue to “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” when I heard what sounded like somebody else talking for a brief moment around the organ across from where I was sitting. It sounded like a man talking, but I just ignored it and thought nothing of it (other than, “oh, a man just spoke…that’s nice”). But the second sound I heard I couldn’t ignore. In my old bedroom we have it occupied with my dad’s electronic keyboard and, even though it was off, I heard what sounded like a couple of musical notes coming from it. I stopped reading immediately and looked up at it for a few moments before deciding to investigate. I confirmed that there was no possible way it could’ve actually made noise by pressing down on the keys and hearing nothing come out of it. So I have no idea how or why it sounded like two keys were pressed since it was off the whole time. Another weird thing that happened was one night when I was trying to fall asleep. I was lying down in my bed and for about half a second a blare of music sounded right beside my ear. It was so loud and so quick that it actually made me jump. I still have no idea what that was about. To be honest, this stuff has been happening so much that I think I’m actually growing a tolerance to it and it’s becoming more of an annoyance to me than scaring me. But oh well, I will keep updating this as long as things keep happening to me.

*Updated February 21st, 2013*

Not much to report on, just that on January 28th I heard a voice whisper my name in my ear when I was standing alone in my bedroom with the door closed. That freaked me out. And something happened yesterday, though I can’t seem to recall what it was. I know it was a female voice and I know it happened when I was in the kitchen and it sounded like it was coming from the living room which is basically right beside the kitchen. But I can’t remember if it was a scream, or singing or what…just a female voice. And this morning I heard a very loud female scream that sounded like it was coming right beside my bed. There were kids outside for recess in the playground that’s basically like a 15 second walk from my house through my backyard, but I honestly don’t think it was coming from the playground. It was way too loud for that to be right, because shortly after that happened I could hear the kids in the playground screaming and they were really faint screams whereas what I heard was extremely loud and, like I said, sounded like it was coming from right beside my bed. So…yeah…

*Updated May 10th, 2013*

I haven’t updated this in quite some time. Figured it was about time that I should. So let’s start with the actual weird thing that happened. Whether or not this is paranormal or spiritual at all I’m not sure, but I have no real explanation for how this happened.

However, I’ll still talk about it here. So basically I went from the living room to my bedroom and, in order to do that, the basement door has to be closed or moved out of my way. While I was in my bedroom I heard a sound like something fell so I got up to go check it out and the basement door was open. I don’t know how it opened on its own. I was home alone and I did some exploration and no one else was in the house. No one broke in and well…yeah. Also, I should note that none of the windows were open and neither was the door. There is no draft in the house and the air conditioner wasn’t on. There was no air coming through the vents and even if there was, there aren’t any vents close to the door that can push it open. So I don’t know. There’s been a few other things. Mostly weird sounds and whatnot. But it’s not really that “scary”.

I also want to take this time to talk about something called “Ghost Radar”. Now, this is an app you can get for your smartphone or iDevice which acts like an ovilus. Now you might be wondering, “What’s an ovilus?” Good question. An ovilus is a device which has a huge library of words inside its database and each word is connected to a different variation in energy and the sensors inside the device. It’s said that a spirit (being made up of energy) can use their energy to manipulate the sensors inside the device and the environment around the device to choose words from the database which the ovilus then speaks in a “Microsoft Sam” kind of voice. So the “Ghost Radar” app basically does that. It takes about 10-15 minutes to fully warm up to the environment so it knows what the normal energy environment is and you can change how sensitive the app is to changes in frequencies and energy bursts. When it’s fully warmed up I normally don’t get any words, or at the very least, I don’t get any relevant words that make any sense. But from time to time I do actually get some very accurate and very bizarre results with it. The other thing this app does is it will show a coloured dot on a radar when there is a weird energy burst in the general direction from where the energy burst came from. Green is the weakest signal and red is the strongest.

The first thing that was weird was one time, my ex-girlfriend (back when she was my girlfriend) and I were in my basement and I had the app running. It said something along the lines of “meat” and then “cheese” and then Erica said to me, “if it says one more food related word I’m running upstairs.” Shortly after she said that it said “bread”. She bolted for the stairs. I just think there was a very hungry ghost in my basement who wanted a sandwich.

Another thing that happened was one time when I was alone in my room. I saw a red dot appear on the radar from just a few feet from where I was sitting. I said “What’s your name?” About a second later I got a response on the device, “Sam”. I was stunned. I ended up having a little conversation and found out that Sam had died from an operation. Now some people might speculate that the app can “hear” what you’re saying and respond to that. But when I was using this app I was using my old 3rd generation iPod Touch which has no microphone and I didn’t have my earbuds plugged into it.

Another time I was at a cemetery with my dad and we were “ghost hunting”. As we walked past some tombstones from people who had gotten cremated I got the word “burned” and a little later I got the word “grandfather”. Both scarily accurate words in a cemetery.

And finally, on a more recent time using the app, I was listening to music and I had the app turned on. It hadn’t said anything for the time that it had been on…until the music ended. At that point I got the word “silence”. I looked at my iPod in shock. I then got up to use the bathroom and it said “stood”. After that I got no other words. Just thought I would share that.

*Updated July 19th, 2013*

This morning at around 7:30 something weird happened. I was woken up to the sound of knocking on my bedroom door. Just two small taps. I thought it was my mom who was still home at the time, so I got out of bed. When my feet touched the ground I heard another two taps, almost identical to the first two taps come from the door. I said “I’m coming” to let my mom know that I heard her knocking. However, upon opening the door I saw no one was there. At all. I went to find my mom and she was outside putting garbage bags in the garbage bin; nowhere near my room at all. I have no idea who was knocking on my bedroom door.

There, now that that’s done I don’t know what I’m going to write for next Halloween. but that’s a year away from now, so I have time to come up with something. Maybe a scary short story or something. Also, just so you know, everything that you just read is all true. These things did happen to me. They were weird.

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