Why Don’t I Use Images?

It seems everywhere I look I find blog posts using images. It’s a very common technique that many bloggers use to create some sort of distraction from the text. In fact, when I look up advice on how to attract more people to my blog, one of the main pieces of advice I find is that I should use images. So why don’t I use images?

Look: mountains. I'm being philosophical.
Look: mountains. I’m being philosophical.

A simple explanation is that I don’t have an infinite amount of space on this blog post. But that’s a stupid answer because pictures are only mere kilobytes and I have a few gigabytes of space.

Here’s the thing: pictures can add a lot of meaning to posts. But most of my posts don’t require pictures.

The road to nowhere. Doesn't this add a lot?
The road to nowhere. Doesn’t this add a lot?

I’ve now added two pictures to this post. Does that automatically make this post better? I don’t think it does. This is just a waste of time and space. If anything it’s a cheap way to make the post seem longer than it really is.

I added pictures to the Stick-Man post because they actually helped the post. They gave you a visual of what the fuck I was talking about. Thanks to those pictures you now know what Stick-Man looked like. You now know my style of drawing stick figures and you could get a sense of my artistic creativity.

In my violence post I also use a picture. It’s the picture of the fist-shaped bruise. I felt that was necessary to include so you get an idea of what kind of impact the guy’s fist had on my face. Also, so you know that I’m a badass.

Please also note that I’m not saying adding images to blog posts is stupid or even necessarily a cheap way to make the blog post seem longer than it is. Do not take offence if you use images in your blog posts. If it works for you and it’s something you like to do, more power to you. I just felt that I need to share why I don’t use them (very often) and to also say that when I do use them, there will actually be a purpose to them.

One more thing while I have you guys here: why do I have giant chunks of text in my blog posts?

Well, I’m trying to be an actual writer. I understand that writing a blog is different from writing stories, but my writing style will always stay the same. It’s another piece of advice which I seem to ignore. People feel overwhelmed when there are huge chunks of text in one paragraph rather than splitting them up into many paragraphs.

I don’t believe that. I like to think that my readers are intelligent and can handle bigger paragraphs that are filled with more useful information. I don’t think I should have to dumb things down to get more readers. I just need to be patient and keep posting quality stuff and the readers will come to me.

Also, you guys who are reading this can help by sharing the posts and stuff, too. Spread the word and tell your friends about me and my blog.

Until next time, I will leave you with these words: window, cylinder, origami. Thanks for reading.

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