Money, Money, Money

I have a problem. I spend way too much money. Seriously, Amazon shouldn’t even exist. Neither should eBay for that matter. It’s too easy to spend money.

I go onto Amazon with nothing in mind to shop for and I end up buying like five Blu-rays because “they’re cheaper on Amazon than in the stores.” That’s what I tell myself. “At least I’m getting a good deal.” I’ll put a couple Blu-rays in my cart and then see that it’s a couple dollars short of being able to get free shipping and find something else that’s like fifteen bucks, but it’s still cheaper than buying it in the stores.

Seriously, I rarely even buy any movies in stores anymore. When I’m in HMV or Wal-Mart and I see a movie that seems like it’s a good price (10 bucks or so), I’ll pull out my phone, load up the Amazon app and look it up on there to see if it’s cheaper on Amazon. If it is, I just put the movie away. And, on the rare instances that it’s not, I’ll actually buy the movie in the store…or decide that I actually don’t want the movie anymore, anyway.

I have such a bad habit. My credit cards have such high balances by the time of their cut-off dates and I only work a couple times a week now (mainly weekends). I don’t think I can afford to keep up this constant spending habit. Not to mention that I’m quickly running out of room on my shelves to put these movies.

Of course, being Canadian I mainly use But just recently I used because “Being John Malkovich” and “Adaptation” on Blu-ray were cheaper on there than on and a bajillion times cheaper than in HMV (they’re not even in Wal-Mart). In fact, “Adaptation” wasn’t even available on Blu-ray in HMV. See, the thing is, I was hoping to get the free shipping for having over 35 dollars in my cart from those two movies (on it’s only 25 dollars [take that, Americans]), but unfortunately that’s only free shipping to the States, so I still had to pay for shipping. It ended up costing me over 50 bucks for the two movies…but it’s still cheaper than it would’ve been if I bought it in stores.

And then there’s eBay, the other highlight of my sad, meaningless and all around pathetic existence. I used to buy stuff on eBay all the time before I turned a new leaf and went to Amazon. I still go back to eBay from time to time because sometimes they have better deals on there than on Amazon. But it’s a helluva lot riskier to buy stuff on eBay, so I always make sure to look at the users’ reputations. If it’s anything less than 98% (with like, a hundred thousand ratings), I don’t bother doing business with them.

I rarely buy movies on there now, though. Most of the time when I use eBay it’s to buy some accessory for my phone. Sometimes it’s a new case, or a new battery, or a charger or something. But it’s rarely ever a movie or TV show now. Though I did get the first seven seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” on eBay for really good prices.

One last thing to talk about is Amazon’s shipping speed. Like holy fuck are they ever fast. I always make sure to get free shipping and it always says it’s going to take about a week or so but then it always (or usually) shows up within three work days. I’m thoroughly impressed with Amazon all the time.

So what was the point of this post? There was no point. I just felt like writing one more post for January and decided to rant about how much stuff I buy online. The moral of the story is: online shopping for movies is fun. Thanks for reading.

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