Top 10: Favourite Celebrity Appearances on Friends

Look, another top 10 list. You’re welcome, Internet.

Like most people, I find the TV show Friends to be the best sitcom of all time. It’s only a little dated (mainly the first few seasons), but every joke in it is still hilarious. Whenever I see it on TV I have to watch it and quote nearly every line along with the characters. I’ve seen every episode countless times and, at one point, it was the greatest thing in my life when I didn’t have much else. It is and always will be my favourite sitcom.

Now in this raging popularity, a lot of celebrities wanted to jump on the Friends bandwagon and get their fifteen minutes of fame on this show. Obviously they were already famous (to some extent) or remained famous after being on this show, so “fifteen minutes” is a bad saying to use.

Before this list begins I have a few things to point out: I will not mention Paul Rudd or Tom Selleck on this list. Both of these actors had such huge parts in this show that I feel I can’t count them as celebrity “appearances”. They became major characters, not recurring characters.

I’m also not going to mention Bruce Willis as I feel that he didn’t do a very good job. Now, before you start throwing shit at your computer screen in anger, let me clarify that I do not think Bruce Willis is a bad actor. Quite the contrary. I think he is an amazing actor. However, I don’t think he was all that amazing in this show. And it’s not like the writers didn’t try to give him something to work with. He had quite a few funny lines, but he downplayed everything. I know that he wasn’t supposed to be a very open guy (until Rachel made him and he wouldn’t stop crying), but still, some emotion in the acting and a little less monotone in the voice would’ve been nice.

Okay, one last thing: there are so many celebrities who appeared on this show, I wish I could put them all on this top ten list (Hank Azaria, Alec Baldwin, etc.), but alas, I can’t. So this is my personal favourite celebrity appearances. Some of you will disagree with my choices, but they’re mine. Feel free to make your own list.

10. Christina Applegate/Reese Witherspoon

I’m putting both of these actresses together in one number because they’re both Rachel’s sisters and they’re both equally good. They brought a lot of comedy to their roles and really played the spoiled “daddy’s little girl” part extremely well and extremely believably. I love how Amy’s first appearance, she’s so oblivious in her insulting of Ross. “You’re much cuter than that geeky guy she used to date.” Or how she thinks Phoebe’s name is Emma. And Jill’s appearance when she seduces Ross and makes Rachel jealous. They’re both phenomenal actresses who did great jobs with their roles. “I said, I’m gonna hire a lawyer and I’m gonna sue you and take all your money and then cut you off.” “Wow, what did he say?” “He said he wouldn’t pay for my lawyer.”

9. Kathleen Turner

How do you think Kathleen Turner felt when she first realised that she was playing a man? Probably pretty bad, but then she accepted it and went full throttle with it. She plays Chandler’s dad so well, you actually believe she’s a man dressed up as a woman. “As I recall, when we got married, I saw the groom in the wedding dress.” “But that was after the wedding. It’s not bad luck then.” “Honey, it isn’t good luck.” Absolutely hysterical all the time. And of course, who can forget when Rachel was in charge of keeping Mr. Bing away from Mrs. Bing. “What’s your name?” “Amanda.” “Oh, I get it, A-Man-Duh.” Always funny, always playing a man in a dress, Kathleen Turner seemed to love this role. “Aren’t you a little old to be wearing a dress like that?”

8. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller, you’re in charge of playing “guy who screams at a little duck”, but don’t worry you get to date Jennifer Aniston. Boy does he scream at that duck. “Step away from the duck!” If you ever wanted to see Ben Stiller scream at an old couple, you’re in luck. This episode has that, too. But in all serious, it’s a very memorable episode and Ben Stiller should’ve won an Emmy for it. “Well I guess we’re not going out anymore. MAN!”

7. Jon Lovitz

Two. Two episodes. Jon Lovitz played the same character in two different episodes far and away from each other. At least, I think it’s the same character; they’re both named Steve and they both get high. The first time he comes around he’s looking for a new chef for his restaurant…but gets high before Monica can show him just how good of a chef she is. “Taco shells? These are like corn envelopes.” “Oh, macaroni and cheese, we gotta make this!” The second time he comes around he’s a blind date for Rachel, set up by Phoebe, as part of her and Joey’s plan to get Ross and Rachel back together. But again, he gets high. “I have such fat hands!”

6. Hugh Laurie

This was before House. Hugh Laurie might have been a big name in England (I’m not really sure), but he certainly wasn’t a big star in North America before he appeared on Friends. It wasn’t until his popularity in House started that people actually recognised him as “man on plane sitting next to Rachel”. When Rachel decides to go to London to tell Ross that she still loves him before he marries Emily, she is seated on the plane next to Hugh Laurie and begins to talk. He puts on his headphones to not have to listen to her but feels the need to butt in when he can take it no more and what he says is simply hilarious. “Well I think you’re wrong.” “Oh no.”

5. Jeff Goldblum

This is where some people might disagree with my list. Why Jeff Goldblum? I mean, sure he was pretty funny, but it wasn’t a groundbreaking scene or anything he was in. But…but Joey peed his pants in front of him. That’s pretty funny. And who could forget that he told Joey that he needed to stop thinking as much? Come on, that’s hilarious. It’s Joey! Okay, you got me, he’s on here because he’s Jewish and us Jews gots ta stick together. “Absolutely amazing.”

4. Brad Pitt

Yes, yes, and triple yes. Brad Pitt was so freakin’ good on this show I wish he was in it more than once. Seriously, the “I Hate Rachel Club” was freakin’ hilarious. The rumour that Will and Ross started together about Rachel was so great. “P.S. Sorry for your teeny weeny.” That was one of the best Thanksgiving episodes that they ever had. I also love the irony that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston started going out after this. Not necessarily because of this, but it happened after. “So you knocked her up and you’re not gonna marry her? High five!”

3. Anna Faris

How could I not put Anna Faris on this list when she gave Monica and Chandler the opportunity to be parents? It was the big build up of the tenth and final season: Will they get kids? Of course they will. “They did mention something about two heartbeats. But I thought that was just mine and the baby’s. They kept saying both heartbeats are really strong, and I thought, ‘well, that’s good ’cause I’m having a baby.'” She played this part so well and put so much emotion into it. There were some seriously heartfelt moments that involved her. Like Chandler’s speech about how Monica is already a mother, she just needs a baby. If you don’t feel some emotion every time you hear that speech, you have no soul. “Twins actually run in my family.”

2. Danny DeVito

What’s funnier than Danny DeVito? Danny DeVito playing a male stripper. Officer Goodbody makes his way to Phoebe’s bachelorette party very, very slowly. “Woo, that’s a lot of stairs. You should warn people there’s no elevator.” From the moment he enters the scene until the moment he leaves (to go to the hospital), he’s absolutely hilarious throughout. It’s seriously nonstop hilarity to see Danny DeVito try to be sexy. “Did you say all man or old man?” “You’re mean.”

1. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Oh Sandy, Ross just doesn’t get it. “You gotta be at least bi.” TOW The Male Nanny is quite possibly my favourite (and most watched) episode if, for nothing else, to hear Greensleeves played on the recorder. Seriously, Sandy’s got some great skills with that instrument. “Sandy taught me Hot-Cross Buns.” “Really? Sounded like Three Blind Mice.” I love everything that this episode has to offer. “I guess we know who’s gonna be the Grumpus.” “And when it’s summer, and it’s hot, why can’t you wear a tank top?” Just thinking about this episode makes me want to watch it again. And again. And again. It’s seriously one of the best episodes ever, which is saying a lot. And I love how into it Freddie Prinze Jr. gets. “What’s the one kind of boat that can never, ever sink?” “What kind?” “A friend-ship.”

So that’s my list of my top ten favourite celebrity appearances in the TV show Friends. Who do you think should’ve made the list? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. You’re so awesome! I don’t think I have read through anything like this before.

    So nice to find somebody with original thoughts on this subject.

    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This website is something that’s needed on the internet,
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