Things You May Have Missed in the Show “Friends”

Things You May Have Missed in the Show “Friends”

The ten year anniversary of the show’s finale happened earlier this month and I thought it would be a good time to list off a few things that I’ve noticed (or thoughts that I’ve had) from my countless viewings of the show that other people may not have noticed. This isn’t a top ten list as there’s no particular order for these things (and there also aren’t ten things on this list), it’s just a regular list.

So let’s begin:

The Apartment Numbers

Now most people know that when the show started the apartment numbers were 4 and 5 and then as the show progressed the apartment numbers changed to 19 and 20 (though the apartments looked exactly the same and there was no indication of any of them moving). Since this is very common knowledge, that’s not what I’m talking about. There are two other things relating to apartment numbers that people may have missed.

The first being from the season three episode “The One With the Flashback”. The episode starts with Janice asking the group if any of them almost hooked up with each other and the rest of the episode takes place before the show started. Central Perk was a bar, Rachel was going to be marrying Barry, Joey wasn’t Chandler’s roommate, etc. If you look at the apartment numbers, though, they’re still 19 and 20. If this takes place before the show started, shouldn’t they be 4 and 5 again? Unless the show is telling us that they lived in 19 and 20, then moved to 4 and 5 and then moved back to 19 and 20…

The second thing about the apartment numbers has to do with Ross’s apartment number after he moves into Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment. In the first episode where Ross lives there and he’s berated when he won’t pay $100 for Howard the Handyman’s retirement, we see that his apartment is 3B. “Go back to 3B, 3B.” But in every episode after that the numbers have been removed. Ross no longer has his apartment number on his door. Is he allowed to remove it?

The Magna Doodle

Most people who are avid fans of the show know about the Magna Doodle on the back of Chandler and Joey’s door. Casual viewers may only have noticed it when it came into play in a few episodes (like when Chandler tried to write down an audition for Joey on it). Most of the time the doodles are meaningless (though fun to look at), but occasionally the doodle will be somewhat relating to what’s going on in the episode (like after the whole Chandler/Monica thing was revealed, and the Magna Doodle doodle was a heart around Chandler and Monica’s names). It’s a fun little Easter egg for fans of the show.

Rachel Had Consistency

That’s pretty vague. I’m not saying that the show doesn’t have consistency (Ross’s divorces, for instance, are very consistent throughout the show), but there are a lot of times where the show feels episodic rather than following the lives of six friends. However there is one line that Rachel says that makes me laugh because it’s a reference to an earlier episode that a lot of people probably didn’t even realise.

In the episode “The One With the Cop”, Ross buys a couch. I’m sure that all fans of the show remember that episode (“Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!”). However, there is one line in one of the couch scenes that you really should pay attention to. When Rachel is told to get Joey to help with the couch, she instead brings Chandler thinking that he would be the next best thing. Ross quips that Monica would be the next best thing to which Chandler replies, “I would be offended, but Monica is freakishly strong.”

Six episodes later in “The One With Joey’s Big Break”, Rachel has to get eyedrops which she refuses to use because of her phobia with anything coming near her eyes or going into her eyes. In one scene Monica holds Rachel down and tries to get the eyedrops in her eyes by holding the bottle in her mouth and squeezing down with her teeth. During this scene Rachel says, “You really are freakishly strong!” remembering what Chandler had said several episodes earlier. It’s one line that makes me feel that this show has more consistency than other episodes lead us to believe.

Phoebe’s Wedding Song

When Phoebe gets married she has one of her friends play the steel drums as she walks down the aisle. What you may not have realised is that her friend is actually playing a real song on the steel drums, it’s not just noise. If you listen closely you can actually hear that she’s playing the Beatles song “Here, There and Everywhere”. This is something that I never realised until I became a huge fan of The Beatles and there’s nothing better than my favourite band and favourite sitcom coming together.

Chandler Didn’t Have the Worst Thanksgiving

I know it’s a running joke that Chandler hates Thanksgiving because that’s when his parents got divorced and Chandler realised his dad was gay, yadda, yadda, yadda. In the episode “The One With All the Thanksgivings” Phoebe makes a comment that she has had a worse Thanksgiving than Chandler and then it becomes a joke that it’s from a previous lifetime. “Oh, this life. Oh okay, no, Chandler’s is worse.” I would like to make a statement here…

Did Phoebe forget that she lived on the street? Her mom killed herself after her dad had left their family… Phoebe was orphaned and homeless. I’m pretty sure every single one of those Thanksgivings that went by during those years was worse than “More turkey Mr. Chandler?”

“Oh, did the little rich boy have a problem with the butler?”

Monica Was Sick Before

In the episode “The One With Rachel’s Sister”, Monica gets sick. Then she makes some comment about how she never gets sick, how getting sick is for pansies, etc. Then she makes the outrageous claim that she hasn’t gotten sick in thirty years!! Thirty years! It’s almost like that whole “consistency” thing that I talked about earlier is making a reappearance, only this time it’s inconsistency.

In the episode “The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend” two seasons prior, Phoebe gets sick and that makes her voice sound sexy while she sings. When Phoebe is no longer sick, guess who gets sick. No really, guess. I’ll wait. That’s right! It’s Monica! Two years prior, not thirty.

Rachel Greene?

Everywhere on the internet Rachel’s last name is spelled Green. But what if everybody is wrong? According to Rachel’s door at her workplace at Ralph Lauren, her last name is spelled Greene. So does that mean the entire world is wrong, or did the creators make a mistake?

Is Chandler Afraid of Dogs?

We all remember the episode where Chandler is afraid of dogs. The one episode. The only time. It was the episode “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”. However, knowing that this episode will be coming up when we see the episode “The One With Joey’s Porsche” it raises some questions. When Phoebe is trying to trick Monica and Chandler into helping her babysit the triplets, she asks them if they want to look after three puppies. Chandler agrees to it. Are you afraid of dogs? Are you allergic to them as you had Monica believe? Why would you agree to look after puppies? Am I thinking about this way too much?

I think I am. So I’m going to end it there. I’m sure there are plenty of other things that I could talk about with this show, but I only wanted to list off a few of things that I’ve noticed or thought about that maybe not everyone else has.

I hope you enjoyed the list, and if there’s anything that you noticed that I missed, feel free to leave it in the comments section.

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