Something New Coming August 5th

So I’ve almost had this blog for a full year. That’s pretty exciting.

This blog has gone through a lot since its beginning on August 19th, 2013. I had started with the intention of having a new blog post every Monday…forever. For the rest of my life I would make sure that there was a new blog post about my life every Monday. Well, suffice it to say that didn’t happen.

Instead, I had kept it up for a while but eventually ran out of really good material fairly quickly. My life just isn’t all that exciting, apparently.

But I had also decided to start writing more than one blog post every week…two a week to be exact. One week would have the Monday post and then a Friday editorial, the following week would have a Monday post and a Wednesday “It Ain’t Grammer” post. Man, that went nowhere fast.

Once I ran out of material for the Monday posts, I kind of just stopped writing on this blog as frequently.

Then the New Year came and I wrote a post to tell you guys that I won’t be trying to stick to any kind of regime. I wasn’t going to make any promises about writing a certain number of times every month or every week or what have you. And I even cleverly changed my banner across the top to say “New post every whenever” instead of “New post every Monday”. I’m so clever.

Now I’m coming to you with a new promise to break make. A new thing is coming to my blog. A new thing written by me.

As many of you know I want to be a writer. That is my ultimate goal. I like to write creatively and I like to write fiction. So I present to you a new fictional blog series that I’m starting called “Dear Diary”.

I have various ideas for this series, the first being a zombie apocalypse. (The others will come if this does well.)

Basically what it is is a bi-weekly series of diary-like entries about a guy named Nathan Moore who is there to witness the zombie apocalypse first-hand as it begins. He’s an introvert who only has one friend and must learn to accept himself and other humans and learn how to actually make friends in order to survive in this new world overrun by the undead.

So the first entry is going to be posted on August 5th, 2014 at 12 noon Central Time Zone (it will be the same time for all other entries, too). I was originally going to have it start on August 19th, to mark the one-year anniversary, but I figured that’s too far away, so I’ll have it start on August 5th, and the second entry will be posted on August 19th. And because it’s bi-weekly that means every two weeks will be a new entry.

I’m hoping I can make good on this promise unlike the previous promise(s) I had made which only worked for a little while.

In any case, it will be starting in less than a month from now, so I hope you’re as excited to read it as I am to write it and that you enjoy it when it comes out.


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