Dear Diary: Zombie Apocalypse – Entry Three

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning at 6 AM to the sound of gunshots. It was a scary feeling. At first I thought I was being fired at, but then I became more awake and realised that the gunshots were coming from outside. I felt like I was in a bad neighbourhood and there was a gang war going on.

When I went to the window I saw more of those things and police officers doing the best they could to kill them…or re-kill them, I guess.

I closed the blinds, but that didn’t do anything to drown out the noise, so instead I turned on the news and they were finally talking about this again.

“We have just received word that the events that took place several days ago has escalated.” The news reporter said. Just received word. As if more of them had JUST now appeared. “The mayor has just called for a city-wide evacuation to take place within the next 24 hours. It is highly recommended to pack up everything you can and leave the city. It is also recommended to head West or North out of the city as no city in either of those directions have reported similar activities.”

By this point Jason had woken up, too. He looked at me and said, “I told you.”

“I have to call my mom.” I said to him.

He handed me his phone and I called up my mom who seemed really surprised that I was phoning her.

“Have you seen the news?” I asked. “Or even looked outside at all?”

“I saw,” she said, “that’s police brutality if I’ve ever seen it. I don’t like their use of excessive force one bit.”

“Excessive force?” I questioned. “Mom, the creatures they’re shooting at are people who have come back to life from the dead.”

“They’re miracles,” she said, “and I don’t see why they should be shot at.”

“They’re not human,” I tried to explain.

“I wonder if–” she stopped and choked. I knew what she was going to say.

“Mom,” I said softly, “I hope not. I don’t want dad to be…one of them.”

“But,” she said, I could somehow hear the tears forming in her eyes, “maybe he’d be happy about it. I want to see him.”

“You want to go to a cemetery?” I had no words to describe how ludicrous that idea sounded. I didn’t know what to say to her. Even if people who are dying are coming back to life, that doesn’t mean that people who have been buried for a while are going to suddenly rise from their graves. They’re in caskets and buried six feet underground. Even for someone who’s not dead, that’s pretty-near impossible to escape from.

“Well why not?” She asked after a minute or so of silence.

“It’s too dangerous.” I said. “Mom, I’m coming over, okay? We’ll get you packed up and then we’re leaving the city. The mayor has called for an evacuation and we’re not going to be left behind.”

I hung up the phone and then realised that I didn’t drive and had no way of getting to her place or getting out of the city. I looked at Jason and he knew right away what I needed.

“We’ll take my car,” he said. “Your mom is so nice, I would feel terrible if something happened to her.” He went into his room and came out with a couple suitcases. “I’ve been packed since I first overheard the police officers talking about this. Do we need to go to your place first so you can pack?”

“If you don’t mind,” I said.

So we went to my place and within an hour I was packed. Jason didn’t want to come inside my disgusting mess of an apartment, so he waited in his car. It wasn’t easy to get to my place as a lot of the roads were closed and it seemed that a lot of the people were already evacuating the city.

By the time I got back to the car many of the few streets that were left open were congested. So it took a really long time to get to my mom’s house. These zombie-like creatures were lurking around almost every corner, attacking cars at random and causing a lot of traffic accidents.

I was surprised we actually made it to my mom’s place. Again Jason decided to wait in his car, not because of his OCD this time, but because he was afraid he would get carjacked if he left his car unattended.

When I went inside my mom’s house I was shocked to see that she had already packed, so we were able to get her to the car in no time and be on our way out of the city.

“Are we going to the cemetery?” She asked when we got into the car.

“Sorry, Mrs. Moore,” Jason said. “Unfortunately we can’t risk that. It was hard enough getting to your house, we have to leave the city now.”

At that point, three creatures charged at Jason’s car. One of them came from the left, one from the right, and one jumped onto the hood of the car. My mom screamed and Jason floored it.

“You’re not getting me this time, either, Devil.” Jason said as he went from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. The two creatures that hadn’t attached themselves to the car were left in the dust, while the one on the hood held on. Jason slammed on the brakes and the creature went flying off the hood. Before the creature could get back up, Jason sped off.

“You see, mom?” I asked. “These things are not people.”

She looked through the rear window and saw the creature get up, basically unscathed. She then turned back and stared longingly at the floor.

“But,” she said, “I just wanted your father back.”

“I know, mom,” I said, “I wish he was here, too…”

“No,” she said. “I mean, I prayed to have him back.” I noticed Jason’s ears propped up at the mention of prayer. “I prayed every day and night, asking God to give me back your father. Asking God to bring him back to life. Every day. Every night.”

“What are you getting at?” Jason asked.

My mom looked at me and looked at Jason before saying, “I did this.”

“That’s ridiculous, Mrs. Moore,” Jason said before I even had a chance to say the same thing. “You’re just a woman who misses her husband. You did not cause the dead to come back to life.”

“You don’t think this is God’s answer?”

“No,” Jason said, firmly. “This is not the work of God. This is the work of the Devil.”

My mom gasped. “The Devil heard my prayers?”

My mom wasn’t really religious, but she was gullible. Up until now I hadn’t realised how gullible she was. Not that I’m saying it was 100% not the Devil, but it was 100% not my mom’s fault.

“Mom,” I said, “you didn’t do this. Don’t blame yourself.” At that point a thought occurred to me. I looked at Jason and said, “What about your parents?”

Jason laughed, “My parents didn’t do this.”

“No,” I said. “Why haven’t we picked up your parents?”

Jason told me that while I was inside packing his brother texted him and said that he was picking up their parents and heading out. All this time I hadn’t realised that we had an actual destination in mind to go to, but it turned out that we were going to the Lounger Motel to meet his brother and parents and to discuss what we were going to do after.

The rest of the ride went pretty smoothly. My mom kept quiet about how she thinks she caused this and no other creatures attacked us. We had gotten out early enough to not hit really bad traffic on the highway and we made it to the motel with still half a tank of gas left. When we got to the motel, we noticed that Jason’s brother and parents hadn’t made it yet, so I took my mom into one of the rooms while Jason went down the street to the nearest gas station to fill up on gas.

Jason’s brother and parents still hadn’t arrived by the time Jason got back with the car, so we decided to just stay the night here and wait for their arrival. Jason is currently sleeping in his car. My mom is asleep on the bed and I’m calling it a night, now, too.

This has gotten pretty bad, pretty quickly and I sure hope that Jason’s brother and parents are okay. Ironically, I’m now the one worried about my mom when she’s normally the one worried about me. If she really thinks she caused this, that could lead to some serious psychological damage. I hope she gets over it…and I hope this thing all blows over soon. Maybe the police will kill them all and we can return to the city in a couple days. Who knows?

But until then, I’m going to call it a night and write in this again a little later. Good night.


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