Dear Diary: Zombie Apocalypse – Entry Six

Dear Diary,

I’ve been alone for what I think is about a week now and I never thought that I would miss having people around. Not necessarily to talk to, but just so I knew that there was someone there.

I might be an introvert and maybe I’ll never meet that “special someone”, but I always enjoyed being able to look out my apartment window and know that there was still some hope. That maybe, just maybe, there was an introverted girl just like me somewhere out there who wanted to be with me.

But I digress. You’re probably really confused, diary. It’s been a while since I wrote in you. (Maybe I am crazy if I’m referring to the diary as a separate entity.) Look, it started shortly after Markus showed those two strangers who was boss. As it turned out, they weren’t alone. It didn’t take long before the rest of their group showed up in their cars and started ramming into us.

I was starting to doze off when I heard the screeching of tires and then suddenly there was a jolt. And another. And another. I looked at the car that was ramming into us and I saw those two idiots sitting in the car along with a couple other people. Then the car Markus was driving started ramming into them. It went back and forth, but eventually they veered off onto a side street and drove away. We thought we had won.

As it turned out, that side street was a shortcut to get ahead of us. Then they drove directly into the car Jason was driving, the one I was in. Unfortunately we were on a bridge at that time and the impact made Jason lose control of the car and he smashed into the cement railing at such a force that I smashed through the windshield.

Now I know what you’re thinking, diary: But Nathan, why weren’t you wearing your seatbelt? The answer is…I don’t know. I should have been. I definitely should have been. But I wasn’t, and I paid the price for it. I had my backpack on my lap and was holding on to it tight as we were getting slammed around, so when I went through the windshield, I took the backpack with me. That’s why I’m still able to write in here and luckily I still had my axe and dagger and the multi-tool thing.

So the bridge was over top of this rushing river, so when I flew from the windshield, I landed in the river and the current quickly dragged me along. My face endured several deep cuts from the glass and the cuts burned even more when the water touched them. Luckily I didn’t get any glass stuck in my face or get any in my eyes, but still the cuts bled and stung like crazy.

The last thing I heard was screaming and then some gunshots and then it was only the water. I didn’t struggle, I knew it was hopeless. I just let the current take me away. Maybe I should have fought against the current. Maybe I should have tried to make it to land sooner, but all I felt like doing was screaming. Of course it was just my luck to be the one to get separated from everyone else. The world fucking hates me.

After what felt like an eternity of drifting along the river, it began to get narrower as it started heading into a pond. A nice, big circular oasis of sorts. So the current started to slow down and then I dropped a few inches into the pond. I floated up to the top and then I was in the middle of the pond. Since the current no longer had any pressure here I was able to grab my backpack and swim to the shore a few feet away.

I don’t know if anyone survived or if my mom, best friend and his family were all killed. I don’t know if they were taken as hostages, I honestly have no idea what happened. All I know is that it’s been at least five days since then and all I’ve been able to do was get myself lost.

Now the other thing you’re thinking: When you got on dry land, why didn’t you just follow the river back to the bridge? Oh gee, really? You don’t think I thought of that? I have been following the river, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. For five days I’ve been following this stupid river and somehow have not found my way to the bridge. I didn’t have very much food in my backpack either, so a lot of my time has been spent trying to hunt. Mostly unsuccessfully.

I found a fish that was stupid enough to jump on the shore, so I cooked it and ate it. I also managed to hunt down one rabbit. Those two animals and the few cans of food that I had with me have been the only things I’ve been able to eat in about a week. I’ve also had to kill a couple more creatures…zombies…whatever. But I haven’t become desperate enough to try to eat them.

Actually, it was a pretty terrifying encounter. The first zombie I came across had somehow snuck up on me. I was trying to chase down a rabbit when I heard a snarl come from directly behind me. I turned around just as the zombie was about to fall and land on top of me. (I say “fall”, but it’s not like he tripped, that was how he was going to attack me.) I tried to jump back but then I stumbled and fell over. I scrambled to my feet as the zombie started dragging himself along the ground.

I already had my dagger in hand because I was trying to hunt down the rabbit. So as quickly as I could I stabbed the zombie through the head. The squishing sound of his skin, followed by the crunching sound of the skull sent shivers up and down my spine. I have goosebumps right now as I’m writing this just remembering the incident.

So my dagger lay in his head as I was panting from all the excitement. I could hear my heartbeat pulsing in my head, it was racing so fast. It was also the first time that one hit to the brain had killed a zombie (that I can recall). I smiled a little knowing that I had picked a good weapon.

But that smile quickly faded when I realised that there was another zombie just mere inches away. I didn’t even have time to pull the dagger out of the zombie’s head before this other one started attacking. He grabbed my arm and was about to bite down when a rush of adrenaline coursed through my body and I punched him in the head. It didn’t do much, but it did prevent him from biting me. (It’s kind of funny to think about it now, to punch a zombie in the face.) That punch had also made him let go of my arm long enough for me to get away.

He came after me as I tried to pull the dagger out of the dead zombie’s head. I managed to kick him back and then pulled the dagger free. My kick had knocked him down, so I took that opportunity to jump at him and stab him through his forehead. I did my best to tune out the sounds, but it didn’t really work. At least the dagger worked. I wiped off the blood on their clothes and quickly left before anymore showed up. I haven’t seen any other zombies since.

How I’ve actually managed to survive this long is beyond me. I use the flint side of the multi-tool thing to start little fires and the compass on it tells me that the river is heading East. That’s about the best of my knowledge of surviving in a forest. I haven’t come across any living people in here. Every day I’ve been following the river, attempting to hunt and trying to avoid any zombies that might have stumbled along here and every night I’ve been staring up at the stars, wishing that I was anywhere but here.

If my group survived, they would be long gone by now. So, if I ever do find that bridge, I don’t even know what I’m going to do then. Walk along the road? To what? At least in the forest, I’m next to a fresh water source and there are animals to eat. Walking along the road, I would probably die of starvation or thirst. Besides, if any of my group survived, wouldn’t they have come into the forest, following the river to try to find me? I know Jason would. My mom probably would.

It’s funny how, even though I’ve basically been alone my whole life, I’ve never felt as alone as I do right now. People might not be all that interesting, but I never realised that I actually needed them in my life. It takes being isolated from people during a zombie apocalypse to make me realise that maybe I don’t want to spend the rest of my (probably short) life alone.

Writing in this is currently making me sad and now I’m no longer tired. So instead of going to sleep, I’m going to keep following the river until I collapse. Hopefully I’ll find the bridge and my group before that happens. Wish me luck, diary.


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