Reviews in Haikus: “7 Days to Die”

Reviews in Haikus: “7 Days to Die”

Seven Days to Die
Lots of fun playing with friends
Not so much solo

Kind of like Minecraft
But without Lego-type blocks
And with more zombies

Graphics are subpar
The game is still in alpha
So cut it some slack

No drivable cars
And the map can feel too big
Updates please hurry

Craft and kill zombies
And just try to stay alive
Live past seven days

Fighting the zombies
At times is really intense
When they’re in a horde

If you have placed down
A bed, you will respawn there
If you have been killed

Put up the good fight
Do not let those zombies win
Smash their small brains in

I have already
Played roughly thirty hours
I need a girlfriend

My final rating
I give this game a B+
That is a good score

Reviews in Haikus
A brand new blogging series
Can I keep it up?

Feel free to share this
And like and comment on it
It would mean a lot


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