5 Great Solo Career Songs From Each of The Beatles

5 Great Solo Career Songs From Each of The Beatles

There is no denying that The Beatles is one of the greatest bands (if not the greatest band) of all time. They redefined music and even all these decades later their music is still relevant. Basically every band and every artist (even crappy ones) have listed The Beatles as one of their influences because they know that that makes them seem cool. Because, to put it simply, The Beatles is a cool band. Even not-so-great songs like “I Am the Walrus” and “Come Together” will always be fun to listen to.

So do you consider yourself a Beatles fan? Do you know more than just the major hits? Do you know songs like, “I’m Only Sleeping”, “I Will” and “Two of Us”? Do you know any of the songs from their solo careers (besides John Lennon’s “Imagine”)? Well, if you said yes to all of those questions, then great. If not, I’m here to change that.

Each of the Beatles had a great solo career (and two of them [the ones that are still alive] are still going strong with their solo careers). John Lennon has great songs, Paul McCartney has great songs, George Harrison has great songs and, yes, even Ringo (probably the most underappreciated of the Beatles) has great songs. So, this won’t be a “top 5” for each of them as I couldn’t possibly rank these songs, these are just 5 great songs from each of the Beatles.

So let’s begin.

John Lennon

I’m going to start with Mr. Lennon since his name is easily one of the most identifiable when it comes to the Beatles (probably tied with Paul McCartney). For this list, I’m not going to include “Imagine” since everyone already knows that one and that would just be a waste of a spot in the list.

(Just Like) Starting Over – When I found out that this was a John Lennon song, I was shocked. It doesn’t really sound like John Lennon in my head, but it is a John Lennon song and it’s pretty awesome.

Watching the Wheels

Mind Games

Nobody Told Me

Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – I have to include this one on here because it’s just a very touching song that John Lennon wrote for his son, Sean.

Those are just a few great songs from Lennon. You can easily find more like, “Mother”, “Woman”, “Working Class Hero”, and countless others.

Paul McCartney

Like I stated before, he’s probably tied with John Lennon for identifiable names when it comes to The Beatles. This list will probably be harder to come up with than John Lennon because his solo career spans a much longer time period and I’m conflicted on whether songs he did with Wings counts as part of his solo career. So to narrow things down to just five songs for this list is going to be tricky. But let’s try it anyway.

Maybe I’m Amazed – I love this song…shut up. It’s a beautiful, well-written song and it deserves to be on this list.

Mull of Kintyre – While this one is really just a preference and others might not agree with me, I enjoy this song and it’s pretty much the only song I’ve ever heard that has non-annoying bagpipes. Usually bagpipes have pretty much the worst sound ever, but somehow in this song they’re not bad. They’re actually pretty good.

Waterfalls – Horrifically underplayed and generally goes unrecognised, “Waterfalls” deserves your attention. It’s haunting. It really is. But in a good way. Give it a listen and hear for yourself.

Silly Love Songs – It’s Paul McCartney being Paul McCartney.

With a Little Luck

Jeez, that was difficult. And we’ve barely even scratched the surface. I mean, there’s “Jet”, “Band on the Run”, “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” and of course the two collaborations he did with Michael Jackson, “The Girl is Mine” and “Say, Say, Say”. Seriously, if you want to start diving into Paul McCartney’s solo career, there are a lot of great tracks to listen to.

George Harrison

George Harrison is amazing. His songs are amazing. His work with The Beatles is amazing and his solo career is amazing. Like Paul McCartney, this is going to be difficult to narrow down to 5 because I love so many of his songs, but I decided to make this post, so I gotta do it.

What is Life – This was one of the first solo Harrison songs I listened to, and it was probably the right one to start off with. It’s catchy, it has great lyrics and it showcases George Harrison’s talents.

Here Comes the Moon – Everyone knows George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” from The Beatles, but did you know he made a pseudo-sequel? Well you know now.

Got my Mind Set on You

All Those Years Ago – I would be a monster if I didn’t include this one on the list. This was George Harrison’s tribute to John Lennon when he passed away. And while we’re on the subject also listen to Harrison’s song, “When We Was Fab”.

My Sweet Lord – Yes, it’s religious, but it’s beautiful, so shut up. Even if you’re an atheist, how can you not love this song?

Again, just barely scratching the surface here. There are so many great songs, “Not Guilty”, “Handle With Care”, “Any Road”, “Teardrops”, “All Things Must Pass” and oh, so many more. I highly recommend checking out his solo career.

Ringo Starr

And now onto the grand finale. The final Beatle on this list. The one most people tend to ignore, but not I. Ringo Starr has a lot of great songs, too, it’s just most people never bothered to look up his music. If they even knew his name, they only really saw him as a drummer, not a singer (though he did sing in The Beatles as well, “Yellow Submarine”, “Octopus’s Garden”, “Act Naturally” and one of my favourites, “Goodnight”). So are you ready to learn about some great Ringo songs? Because here we go:

Photograph – The song that got me listening to Ringo songs, it will get you hooked on Ringo, too.

Weight of the World – Love it, absolutely one of the best Ringo songs.

Never Without You – A touching tribute to Ringo’s dearest friend, George Harrison when he passed away. Also watch this 1 minute interview clip, it’ll make you cry.

Imagine Me There – I originally thought this was also a tribute song to John Lennon when he passed away, but it was made before Lennon’s passing and was actually supposed to be a birthday song for him.

It Don’t Come Easy

So there are five great Ringo songs. You should also listen to, “King of Broken Hearts”, “The No-No Song”, “Oh, My, My” and “A Dose of Rock & Roll”. (I would say listen to “You’re Sixteen”, but it’s kind of a creepy song. Still good, but creepy.)

Do you like these lists? Do you agree with these lists? Which songs would you put on these lists? Let me know in the comments. Also, feel free to like and share the post. And if you want to, you can subscribe to the blog.


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