Shameless Self-Promotion: Rocket League, Big Pharma and Basement; or, What I’ve Been Up To Lately: Ulcerative Colitis, Short Stories and YouTube Videos

Shameless Self-Promotion: Rocket League, Big Pharma and Basement; or, What I’ve Been Up To Lately: Ulcerative Colitis, Short Stories and YouTube Videos

I haven’t posted on here in a while, but don’t think that means I’m not doing anything. First of all, I’ve been working hard to maintain my digestive system that I talked about in this post. Which, by the way, I discovered the best way to fight off Ulcerative Colitis is through DIET! Like, hello? Why do doctors say that diet has nothing to do with it when it basically has everything to do with it? I’ve cut out grains and gluten, all processed sugar (I only eat honey to sweeten things) and all corn products (including corn itself).

I started following the SCD…diet. I have to pause when saying that because the D in that acronym stands for Diet and so it becomes the Diet diet and it makes me shudder (like PIN number or ATM machine). I did that fairly strictly for about a month and then started eating homemade probiotic yogurt with two very specific strains of probiotic (they’re Lactobacilus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus). It was really the yogurt that put my body back into balance.

The goal of cutting out sugars and sticking to the SCD (I’m not adding diet to the end of that, just assume it’s the diet I’m talking about) is to starve off the bad bacteria living in the colon. The ones that are really wreaking havoc. Then by having the yogurt with the probiotics, my system returns to normal. The probiotics kill off and effectively remove the remaining bad bacteria and take over the colon, bringing peace and justice to the world (or to my world anyway).

Thanks to this I’m in remission without the use of medication. I just eat about a cup of yogurt per day. Though if you’re in the same boat as me, don’t start off with one cup of yogurt a day. Start off with one spoonful and see how it affects you. If everything is fine, then have two spoonfuls the next day. The day after that you can increase to four, then eight and then move onto a cup. Doing it gradually like that will help ease your system into it. Because, believe it or not, there are about 740 billion probiotics in one cup of this yogurt. Also, make sure to sweeten it with honey.

So that’s one thing I’ve been up to. Another thing is I’ve been doing some writing.

I’ve written a short story that I’m going to enter into a short story writing contest held by Writers’ Digest. It’s just over 1200 words and is written in a combination of first person and second person narrative. It’s purposely left fairly ambiguous so each reader can have their own personal take on the story and interpret it in whatever way they want to. That way everyone can feel somewhat connected to the story, especially since it’s aimed at making YOU (the reader) be the main character. As one of my friends put it, it’s unlike anything he’s ever read. He said when he sees something as either good or bad, it’s because he has something he’s comparing it to, but he couldn’t think of anything to compare my short story to, therefore making it quite an original piece of writing.

I’m hoping that by having it original and unlike anything most people have seen before, that will give me a slight advantage over the competition and, if not net me first place, get me into the top ten so my story will be published into their magazine and I can start telling people that I’m a published writer.

The third thing I should mention here (since it used to be such a big topic of this blog) is that I have a girlfriend now. We’ve been going out for just over 4 months and things are going great for us. I’m really happy with her, she seems to be really happy with me and I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend. She laughs at my jokes, she gets along with my family and friends and I really love spending time with her.

In case you’re wondering, surprisingly (even after this post), we met online. We actually met using the free dating website Plenty of Fish. She contacted me first and I knew things were going to go well because I acted very differently from how I normally handled these kinds of situations. With the past online girls, we would talk on the website for about a week before I asked to exchange phone numbers, then text for about a week before scheduling a date to meet up and then by the time we actually met up we had nothing left to discuss. Therefore creating awkward silences and just all around unpleasant experiences. But with Sarah (that’s her name), we started talking on the website, exchanged phone numbers and set up our first date all in one day. And to top it all off, that first date was set for the very next evening.

We went to Olive Garden for supper, stayed there until about 10 or so and then went to Tim Horton’s (that’s a coffee shop for all of you non-Canucks) until about 3 in the morning when we finally said goodnight. It was a great first date that led to many others and, over four months later, we’re still going out. So yeah, I’d say things are pretty good.

The final thing I want to write about here is how I’ve also been making videos on YouTube. So while I haven’t been very active on here, I have been active elsewhere. Most readers on here probably don’t know about my YouTube account. Well, I have one and I post mostly gaming-related videos. Though I do have some other ones.

Like this short film that my former classmate made that I was the star of (~16 min):

Or this video that I made of the lunar eclipse that happened September 27th, 2015 (~4 min):

Or this drum cover (I have other drum covers, too) (~3 min):

But what I really want to promote (hence the shameless self-promotion in the title) are the video game videos.

There’s this one of me playing a game called Basement which I like to emphasize is NOTHING like the TV show Breaking Bad (because it’s really funny to say that since it so obviously is) (~20 min):

Or this one of me completing the Big Three challenge in the game Big Pharma (which is a game where you run a pharmaceutical factory and the big three challenge is to create a drug that has a cure for HIV, a cure for Alzheimer’s and is also a cancer vaccine) (~39 min):

Then I also have a few Rocket League videos, like this one that’s the most intense game of Rocket League I’ve ever played (~9 min):

And last, but certainly not least (as this is probably my best video), is this video that I just made yesterday where I show you in a very easy to follow way how YOU can play Rocket League like a professional TODAY! (~4 min):

If you liked any or all of these videos and want to see more, the best way to tell me that is to subscribe to my channel on YouTube, leave a comment on the videos, like the videos, and/or share the videos. And don’t forget that you can do the same thing for this blog. You can subscribe to see more blog posts, comment on this post (or my other posts), like this post (or my other posts) and share this post (or my other posts). The more activity I get, the more I’ll be encouraged to make more blog posts and videos, so please help me out.

Also that title was just for SEO purposes.


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