Week-long Vacation to Toronto

So it’s been just over a month since my girlfriend and I have returned from our week-long vacation to Toronto. We were there from May 26th to June 2nd to celebrate our one year anniversary which was on May 27th. We did basically everything you can possibly do in Toronto all in the space of a week.

Day 1, May 26th: We arrived to Toronto.

Day 2, May 27th: Ontario Science Centre and Toronto Zoo

Day 3, May 28th: Ripley’s Aquarium and CN Tower

Day 4, May 29th: We attempted to do Casa Loma and the Royal Ontario Museum but Casa Loma was closed to the public for some kind of private event, so we went to Canada’s Wonderland.

Day 5, May 30th: Casa Loma and the Royal Ontario Museum

Day 6, May 31st: Niagara Falls

Day 7, June 1st: Return from Niagara Falls and attended a Haunted Walk.

Day 8, June 2nd: Came back home.

I also ended up recording most of what we did. Well, the big events anyway. And the reason it’s taken me so long to post about it, is because I just recently finished editing down all of the footage into three ~30 minute parts. So if you wanted to see our fun adventures, now you can.

Also, it’s heavily edited, and some of the parts even have video game references or Rick and Morty references, just to keep things fun. And part three has a couple “music video”-type segments.

The vacation was a lot of fun. Tiring as hell, but fun nonetheless. Enjoy the parts.

Part 1, Days 1-4:

Part 2, Day 5:

Part 3, Days 6-8:


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