About Me

My name is Stephen Kaplan.

I have graduated from university with a B.A. in Psychology.

I want to be a writer. That’s my main goal: to have a career in writing. I’ve written a short story that I’m going to enter into a short story competition that I talked a bit about in this post. I also have an unfinished book that one of my friends and I were working on, though it seems to be kind of shelved at this point. Hopefully I’ll pick it back up soon and continue it. There was another book that we were going to start working on, but that hasn’t gotten very far either.

When I first started this blog I was posting at least once every week with stories about myself and my past, but as time moved on and this blog has been here for over two full years now, things have changed. I’m not updating it every week anymore, I’m updating it whenever I feel like it. It’s also no longer just about things that have happened in my life, but has since moved on to other things like my occasional “It Ain’t Grammer” posts which tells you all about proper grammar (and spelling) in a very demeaning kind of way that makes you feel stupid for even getting it wrong in the first place. I also have top ten lists and all kinds of other random things, including some short stories that I’ve written (which I should post more of in here, but you can click here to read a short story that I wrote and posted on Smashwords for free).

In 2014 I started posting a bi-weekly (every two weeks) series called “Dear Diary”. There were many ideas I had for this series, but the first one I started with was a zombie apocalypse. It’s written in diary entries through the point of view of an introvert who has social phobia, but feels it’s more that he just doesn’t find most people interesting enough to talk to them. Obviously there are zombies, and other people, and the main character (Nathan Moore) has to learn how to deal with his ever-changing surroundings and he has to learn how to overcome his social phobia if he wants to survive. Click here to be taken to the first entry. Though this series has currently been put on hiatus to give me more time to work on the aforementioned book among other things, it has not necessarily gone away forever. I may start it up again at some point in the future.

I’ve also started posting my Stick-Man comics on this blog. Click here to be taken to the first issue (or as I called them back when I was making them, first episode).

I also really like playing video games and have recently started livestreaming on Twitch. You can follow me there. You can also subscribe to my YouTube account where I post gameplay videos and will be posting highlights from my streams. I also post other videos on YouTube as well, like drum covers and stuff.

If you like my blog posts, feel free to follow me, share my posts, comment, click on “Like”, etc. Just all around feel free to interact with me.

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