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Stick-Man: Season 1, Episode 1

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I want to take all of my old Stick-Man comics that I talked about in this post¬†which I wrote exactly one year ago to this day and put them on this blog for everyone to see.

Today I decided to do the first episode. That’s one thing I should mention, instead of issues and volumes, for some reason I called them seasons and episodes, don’t ask me why my 13-year-old brain couldn’t comprehend volumes and issues, it just…couldn’t. Continue reading “Stick-Man: Season 1, Episode 1”


The Adventures of Stick-Man

One thing I neglected to mention in my intro post is a little something that started in December 2006 and ended in March 2008 and that is… “The Adventures of Stick-Man”!


What is Stick-Man? Excellent question, faithful reader. Stick-Man is a character in a comic series that I had created back near the end of 2006. The series revolved around Stick-Man (a stick figure superhero), his sidekick Stick Version of Spider-Man (or Spidie as he was called in the series) and a villainous character creatively named Bad-Man. Early on in the series Bad-Man had a henchman but after a few episodes I forgot about him and so he just kind of disappeared. Continue reading “The Adventures of Stick-Man”