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The Overwatch Problem

The Overwatch Problem

So yesterday I downloaded the Overwatch Beta on the PS4 and played it for a few hours. And while I had fun with it and I’m sure I’ll continue to have fun with it until the beta is up, I’m not planning on actually buying the game and I’m here to tell you why.

First, for those that don’t know, Overwatch is a first-person shooter game by Blizzard (the company behind World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and, most recently, Hearthstone). Of course, calling it a first-person shooter might make people think it’s another Call of Duty or something, but it has more strategy involved in it than CoD (which has no strategy involved) and it’s more fast-paced and fun as well.

So what kind of problem do I have with the game? Continue reading “The Overwatch Problem”

Melody’s Escape – A Game Review

Melody’s Escape – A Game Review

So I recently downloaded this game off of Steam, it was 50% off and it intrigued me as all games of this genre tend to do. It’s a rhythm based music game that uses your own song library from your computer to create these obstacle course-like tracks. Obviously this isn’t the first game to do this, but it’s the first one I’ve played that actually does it well. The surprising thing about it is that it’s in early access, so it’s not even fully complete. Continue reading “Melody’s Escape – A Game Review”

Reviews in Haikus: “7 Days to Die”

Reviews in Haikus: “7 Days to Die”

Seven Days to Die
Lots of fun playing with friends
Not so much solo

Kind of like Minecraft
But without Lego-type blocks
And with more zombies Continue reading “Reviews in Haikus: “7 Days to Die””

It’s Showtime!: A Video Game Review and a Short Story

I recently purchased a game on Steam called “Showtime!” It’s pretty fun. Basically you’re the head of a movie studio and you’re in charge of hiring script writers, actors, directors, etc. and making sure all the movies and sets and stuff are within your budget. You have to manage expenses and try to stay in the green. Some movies will do well, some movies won’t, but above all, try to at least make your money back. Continue reading “It’s Showtime!: A Video Game Review and a Short Story”