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It Ain’t Grammer: “It’s vs Its” & “Your vs You’re”

I’m going to try to not be mean here. The operative word is “try”, but I make no promises. Also, this is a special double edition of the oh-so popular series of “It Ain’t Grammer” posts. As it turns out, these actually seem to help people, so I figure I should keep doing them as there are so many mistakes that people make and they are really easy to figure out.

So let’s begin with it’s and its. Continue reading “It Ain’t Grammer: “It’s vs Its” & “Your vs You’re””


It Ain’t Grammer: Have, NOT Of!

I didn’t want to write anymore “It Ain’t Grammer” posts simply because I felt they had started becoming too mean spirited. Well brace yourselves, this one is going to be a whole new world of hurt.

I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing the word “of” when the correct word would be “have”! Why the fuck is this so complicated for so many people? It’s not complicated at all; it’s ALWAYS have! It’s NEVER of! There are no comparisons to be made. Let me break this down into an easy to read, easy to understand post: Continue reading “It Ain’t Grammer: Have, NOT Of!”