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Anomalisa: Great Movie or Pretentious Crap?

Anomalisa: Great Movie or Pretentious Crap?


So I’m going to start this off by saying that I think Charlie Kaufman is a great screenwriter and filmmaker, but that in no way affects my opinion of this movie. For example, I also happen to love P.T. Anderson with Boogie Nights being one of my all-time favourite films ever, but I absolutely hated Inherent Vice. Now as for Kaufman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is also one of my all-time favourite movies ever, but he didn’t direct that one, he only wrote it. His first movie that he both wrote and directed was Synecdoche, New York which I am fine never seeing again considering it was quite possibly the world’s most depressing film ever conceived. It wasn’t bad, it was actually quite good, but each scene was more depressing than the scene that preceded it and by the end of the movie you basically want to kill yourself, so yeah, one viewing is all I need.
But now onto his latest film Anomalisa. So what is Anomalisa? It’s a stop-motion animated film written and (co-)directed by Charlie Kaufman. It was completely funded on Kickstarter.com. It was originally just a soundplay and the three actors that were used to voice the soundplay reprised their roles for the movie. Continue reading “Anomalisa: Great Movie or Pretentious Crap?”

“It Follows” – A Movie Review

“It Follows” – A Movie Review

It Follows. No It Doesn’t!

*Spoiler Warning*

So I should’ve written this review a little while ago when I had just finished watching the movie, but I didn’t. Now I am, though, because people have to know why this is not a good horror movie and why it is not a good movie in general.

I became interested in seeing it shortly after it came out and critics were praising it. Seriously. 96% on Rotten Tomatoes with this as the consensus: “Smart, original, and above all terrifying, It Follows is the rare modern horror film that works on multiple levels — and leaves a lingering sting.

That is simply a lie and let me tell you why. Continue reading ““It Follows” – A Movie Review”

It’s Showtime!: A Video Game Review and a Short Story

I recently purchased a game on Steam called “Showtime!” It’s pretty fun. Basically you’re the head of a movie studio and you’re in charge of hiring script writers, actors, directors, etc. and making sure all the movies and sets and stuff are within your budget. You have to manage expenses and try to stay in the green. Some movies will do well, some movies won’t, but above all, try to at least make your money back. Continue reading “It’s Showtime!: A Video Game Review and a Short Story”

Top 5 Best and Worst Horror Movies I’ve Ever Seen

I’ve seen many, many horror movies in my life. I love horror movies like crazy, which is why I really hate BAD horror movies. Movies that are supposed to scare me, but instead make me go “meh”, or nearly vomit from the disgustingness (that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway) in the film. I’m not a fan of slasher movies, and as such have not seen many of them, so they won’t really be on this list. The only good slasher movie I’ve seen is the original Nightmare on Elm Street starring a very young Johnny Depp. Continue reading “Top 5 Best and Worst Horror Movies I’ve Ever Seen”