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Game Reviews: “Always Sometimes Monsters” and “The Forest”

I know I haven’t written a blog post in a while and I apologise. You see, I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and since then I’ve basically been working a lot. But when I’m not working I’m mostly playing video games.

I’ve gotten into this whole “indie game” and “alpha game” fad on Steam. Lately I’ve been going crazy just downloading a bunch of indie games and alpha games (I’m downloading “Project Zomboid” as I write this). The two latest ones I’ve been playing are: a “life simulator” called “Always Sometimes Monsters” and an open-world horror/survival game called “The Forest”.

Now here are my reviews. Continue reading “Game Reviews: “Always Sometimes Monsters” and “The Forest””

Things You May Have Missed in the Show “Friends”

Things You May Have Missed in the Show “Friends”

The ten year anniversary of the show’s finale happened earlier this month and I thought it would be a good time to list off a few things that I’ve noticed (or thoughts that I’ve had) from my countless viewings of the show that other people may not have noticed. This isn’t a top ten list as there’s no particular order for these things (and there also aren’t ten things on this list), it’s just a regular list.

So let’s begin: Continue reading “Things You May Have Missed in the Show “Friends””

The Rudest Customer Ever!

So this happened today (May 10th, 2014). This customer came in near the end of my shift with the mentality that “I’m the customer, I can do whatever I want and everyone has to jump through hopes to please me.” Most customers are pretty good, not this guy.

So he came in looking to buy a 7-piece patio set that came in two boxes, but didn’t come with an umbrella. He had to buy the umbrella separately. That part he didn’t mind. Anyway, after I got the patio set from the trailer and loaded it onto a pallet jack, I was told that he was going to buy some other stuff that he couldn’t take through the garden centre and thus would have to pay for it at the front of the store. Continue reading “The Rudest Customer Ever!”

Happy Passover!

Tonight marks the first night of the long 8 night/7 day journey that is Passover (or Pesach, if you want to be Jewish about it). The big question that’s on my mind is: will I survive another full week of eating Matzah in place of bread?

“This Matzah that we eat, what reason has it?” Also, how the hell do you actually spell Matzah? Well there seems to be no wrong way to spell it as I’ve seen it spelled “Matzah”, “Matza” and even “Matzo”. So what is Matzah and why do we eat it during Passover? Well before I can tell you, you must learn what Passover is. Continue reading “Happy Passover!”

It Ain’t Grammer: Have, NOT Of!

I didn’t want to write anymore “It Ain’t Grammer” posts simply because I felt they had started becoming too mean spirited. Well brace yourselves, this one is going to be a whole new world of hurt.

I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing the word “of” when the correct word would be “have”! Why the fuck is this so complicated for so many people? It’s not complicated at all; it’s ALWAYS have! It’s NEVER of! There are no comparisons to be made. Let me break this down into an easy to read, easy to understand post: Continue reading “It Ain’t Grammer: Have, NOT Of!”

App Review: “Jack N’ Jill” and “QuizUp”

So you may have noticed that it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Besides schoolwork taking up most of my time (and trying to figure out what to do next in life once I graduate from university), I’ve been playing some games on my phone. Two apps in particular have really caught my attention…the two apps in the title. However, I’m going to be a rebel and talk about them in the reverse order than they are listed in the title of this blog post.

First up: QuizUp Continue reading “App Review: “Jack N’ Jill” and “QuizUp””

Top 10: Favourite Celebrity Appearances on Friends

Look, another top 10 list. You’re welcome, Internet.

Like most people, I find the TV show Friends to be the best sitcom of all time. It’s only a little dated (mainly the first few seasons), but every joke in it is still hilarious. Whenever I see it on TV I have to watch it and quote nearly every line along with the characters. I’ve seen every episode countless times and, at one point, it was the greatest thing in my life when I didn’t have much else. It is and always will be my favourite sitcom. Continue reading “Top 10: Favourite Celebrity Appearances on Friends”

Top 10: Favourite Bands That Everyone Should (Hopefully) Know

Top 10’s are back! And by that I mean here’s my second top 10 list. I know it’s been about 4 and a half months since the last one but, as promised, here are my top 10 favourite bands that everyone should have at least heard of.

Before we get to the list just a few honourable mentions (not every list will have this, though):




The All-American Rejects (yes…I know, but I like them)


The Script (at least their first 2 albums, I didn’t really care for the third one)


And now onto the actual list: Continue reading “Top 10: Favourite Bands That Everyone Should (Hopefully) Know”

“The Five Stages” A Short Story by Stephen Kaplan

In my creative writing class that I’m taking we had an assignment where we had to write a 1200 word story. But there were a few rules we had to follow.

1) It had to be 1200 words (obviously, I just typed that)

2) It had to be written in 6 days at 200 words per day

3) Each day’s set of 200 words had to be a different scene (though it could involve the same characters if you want)

4) The first line of the first scene had to be “The phone rang at six with the news”

5) The last line of the last scene had to be “I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not now.”

Other than those rules, we were free to write anything we wanted. So here’s what I wrote. It’s called The Five Stages: Continue reading ““The Five Stages” A Short Story by Stephen Kaplan”

Money, Money, Money

I have a problem. I spend way too much money. Seriously, Amazon shouldn’t even exist. Neither should eBay for that matter. It’s too easy to spend money.

I go onto Amazon with nothing in mind to shop for and I end up buying like five Blu-rays because “they’re cheaper on Amazon than in the stores.” That’s what I tell myself. “At least I’m getting a good deal.” I’ll put a couple Blu-rays in my cart and then see that it’s a couple dollars short of being able to get free shipping and find something else that’s like fifteen bucks, but it’s still cheaper than buying it in the stores. Continue reading “Money, Money, Money”